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"My wife Kelly and I really enjoyed working with Jane on the sale of our condo last Fall on Chestnut Street in Charlestown. I am a commercial real estate broker and am well versed in the process of buying and selling a home. That being said Jane helped us with some improvements to the house prior to going on market and managed the process throughout. We renovated our master bath using her contractor and made some other additional cosmetic updates. Based on Jane’s recommendations we also removed excess furniture to show the condo in the best light. We collectively developed a strategy to lower our initial asking price to increase the buyer pool and thus create a bidding war. The strategy worked out perfectly and we were able to get $115k over asking price after 1 week on the market. Jane and her team were great throughout the entire process from the necessary improvements, the staging, the marketing/showings, the handling of the offers and best and final offers (we never had to counter), flushing out the credentials of all potential buyers, cooperating with other brokers and all the way to the inspection and the closing. One thing that stood out to me is that Jane is very well respected amongst her peers and she has great relationships with all other brokers in the market and thus has a pulse on the market values and the potential buyers. 

I had lived in different places in Charlestown for over 17 yrs and know most of the brokers that work the Charlestown market. While Jane’s passion and energy may initially come across as somewhat overbearing I can assure you that no one is better in the Charlestown market and she truly does care about her client’s needs and about her reputation within the industry."

Steve, Chestnut Street

"Our family was forced to make the tough decision to relocate from Charlestown in 2007. At that time the real estate market was weak and we turned to Jane for some advice. Jane didn't beat around any bushes, at that time she let us know where we stood, even if it wasn't what we wanted to hear. Our family made the decision to hold onto the property and rent it out. My wife stayed in constant contact with Jane throughout the years whether it was directly through conversation or indirectly through her email listing updates. Finally, in 2014 it was time to make a move and place the unit on the market. Jane and her team didn't waste a minute. Prior to our tenant’s moving out Jane had a plan and a team of contractor’s ready to make the improvements. Jane made all the decisions and coordinated all of the work within a 15-day period while our family stayed four states away. Did I mention the work included new hardwood floors in kitchen and hallway, refinishing cabinets, new granite countertops, completely new bathroom, new appliances among other improvements. Our condominium was put on the market quickly thereafter and sold within 30 days of releasing Jane to complete the work. Jane and her team had incredible communication and maximized our profits with minimal efforts by my wife or I. My only issue with Jane and her team is that they can’t represent us in Ohio! I would highly recommend Jane to any person looking to make a real estate deal in Charlestown and would honestly question your sanity if you chose any other broker.”
Todd & Meghan, Russell Street

"Jane was recommended to us by our former neighbor whom had moved within Charlestown the previous year. We had already found and secured our new home and wanted to move our 2+ bedroom townhouse quickly. That's a tall order in the middle of the summer with a market saturated with similar listings. Jane came over, toured our home, and quickly came up with a plan to market our strengths: recent upgrades, parking, private entrance. She put no fluff in the asking price noting that buyers would see the value. Even before our home 'officially' hit the market we had people asking to see it. We had an offer the next day for under our asking prices but close. Though it seems crazy in this market, we turned it down under Jane's advice and foresight that the buyers would come up to full asking price after comparing our home to others on the market; they did. Jane and her staff helped through every step of the process including a complicated issue that came up during the inspection. I recommend Jane because of her knowledge of the market, smart pricing, and work ethic. Her listings go fast and often at full or over the asking price."
Dan S

"Our experience working with Jane was first rate. Her pricing strategy is flawless, data-driven, and defendable; a rarity in the real estate market these days. We got an offer which was significantly less than asking and Jane successfully got the buyer up to a price only $5k off asking, standing on data points which could not be debated. She sets the price at what it 'should' be, not at an inflated price padding in room to negotiate. She takes all the games out of the transaction and allows for clear and concise decision making, both from the seller and the buyer. It was as pleasant of an experience one could have selling a home in these unusual times. Her team member, was also an invaluable asset for us before and especially after our house went under agreement.”
Greg Mahan, Bunker Hill Street

"Jane gets it. We initially met with her about 6 months prior to when we planned on listing our condo. She took the time to review comps and discuss the market. When we sat down with her to finally list our place, she had prepared another thorough analysis of comparable sales and clearly had put significant thought into an updated value and listing price. Jane’s process is clear and she prides herself on communication with us as sellers as well as with other brokers and house hunters. Despite the fact that we had several offers before our open house, she appropriately advised us to stick to our selling plan and we ended up with a tremendous offer well above asking price (and the pre-open house offers). What really sets Jane apart is her honesty and no-nonsense reputation – she does not 'play games' with homeowners, other realtors or house hunters, and everyone knows exactly where they stand when dealing with her. Her strategy of pricing appropriately gave us confidence that we would sell quickly and not leave money on the table. Her team is responsive and thorough, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell in Charlestown.”
Nate & Sara Amory, 27 Winthrop Street

"This has been an extremely stressful and hard time for my husband and I, and we have both discussed at length that the whole process would have been 100 times harder if we had gone with someone other than Jane. Having access to a team, rather than one single point of contact, was a great approach to the process. Jane's team played such an instrumental role in making sure we were on top of all of the details and work we were having done to the house, which was so reassuring knowing we had a detail-oriented team helping us out. Jane’s knowledge of the market is incredible. She has an extremely personal approach that made us always feel as if she had our best interest in mind, while remaining very professional and metrics driven. We found this unique combination exactly what we needed in this market." 
Meaghan, Soley Street

"Jane was our third broker. We had tried countless times to sell our condo and were very frustrated. Jane took the time to meet with us and discuss her sales strategy. She continually re-evaluated her marketing plan until our condo hit the market. Our condo sold in the first weekend it was listed, for over asking. Most telling was that after our initial buyer backed out- because of her professional manner and belief in treating people fairly- Jane was able to go back to another bidder (initially rejected) to re-submit his offer. Jane and her team made the process very easy and we look forward to using her services again!”

"Jane sold my Charlestown home on Harvard Street for $1,660 million and only 9k off asking-unheard of at that time. The home next door had been sitting on the market for a year. Her data driven approach was unique and refreshing. She assured me that she would net me the highest return and she delivered. Her negotiation skills were second to none. I would highly recommend Jane for any real estate transaction.”
Geno Ranaldi, Harvard Street

"Jane listed our home in a down economy and within a month we had sold our property for only 1K under asking price. She has great knowledge of the Charlestown market and understands the effect of competing properties on the sale of a home.”
Rufus Simmons, Lawnwood Place

"When I moved to Boston, I had very little knowledge about the different areas. Jane was able to educate me about each neighborhood and what they had to offer. Because of her knowledge I found my dream home. More importantly, using her incredible negotiating skills, I got my condo for $30,000 less than my neighbor upstairs in the same time period!"
Liz Rostedt

"My wife and I worked with Jane in the spring of 2010 to sell our home on Soley Street. We interviewed several realtors and Jane really impressed us. She had a statistical analysis of all the comps (sold and listed) and got us an offer over asking at our first open house. I really respect Jane. She is market savvy and honest; she does not simply tell sellers what they want to hear, but instead what they need to hear to get their house sold."
Chris Finnerty, Soley Street

"We could not believe that Jane sold our single family home for $25,000 over asking - in 2008 when the market was not strong. When we interviewed Jane, we saw right away her professionalism and market knowledge were heads and tails above all other realtors we met. We followed her advice and she delivered. We could not recommend her more highly."
Melissa, Bunker Hill Street

"We highly recommend Jane Reitz as a seller's agent. She was straightforward with us that we needed to renovate our kitchen to be able to sell our condo and get our asking price. She has amazing contractor, plumbing and electrician connections, and they were able to renovate our galley kitchen in two weeks. Our condo sold after only two weeks on the market. We were a little weary of Jane's policy of pricing to sell and not overpricing like other realtors, but we trusted her and it really worked. This was our first time selling, so we had a lot of questions throughout the selling process. Jane and her assistant were both very accommodating. If we were staying in the Charlestown area, we would use Jane as our realtor in the future.”
Erin & Matt McCarthy, Winthrop Street

"Jane knows Charlestown and Jane’s strategy works. We are under contract – at our asking price – after just two weeks on the market. After another broker told us that our house was so 'unique' that she couldn’t commit to a sale price without conferring with her colleagues, Jane came to our second meeting (after her initial walk-through) armed with proposed listing price that was based on hard facts — including a market analysis that was very impressive and convincing. Although the other agencies boast of their marketing power, Jane has all the same tools at her disposal. In addition, she sends an email to her personal network of agents across the city alerting them of her listings. (Jane understands that many Charlestown buyers live in other neighborhoods and work with non-Charlestown based brokers. We appreciate that reality – the couple who bid on our house lives in San Francisco and have a South End-based agent.) Finally, Jane had every incentive to sell our house at the asking price, her strategic commission structure ensures that every dollar counts. I am sure that Jane’s advocacy on our behalf though this process (which included some very challenging buyers) could not have been matched.”
Beth & Adam Newmark, Monument Street

"Jane and her team did an amazing job selling my condo in Charlestown during a terrible economy. She priced it reasonably and the price was in-line with the recent sales. However, with her aggressive marketing and shrewd negotiating skills, we sold it for $22K over the asking price. Also, it sold in 4 days!! It would have sold faster, but she insisted on waiting to accept any offers until the open house, which inevitably drummed up a lot more business. She has a proven plan of attack and it works. She and her team are also very responsive and were great about organizing the punch-list items, as I lived out-of-state and couldn't tend to them myself.”
Michelle Daunais, 5 Ellwood Street, Unit 1

"My wife & I used Jane Reitz to sell our condo in Charlestown. Jane and her team were very professional, had a solid understanding of the market and made our home selling experience a terrific one. We sold our place in two days and had multiple offers over asking price. We would recommend anyone to Jane and team.”
Derek Maggiacomo, 28 Monument Ave, Unit 2

"I have always hated the real estate game, but Jane and her team made it easy.”
Pat Cammarata, 17 Salem Street, Unit 2

"I was thinking of selling my house on Soley Street in 2011 and contacted Jane. She made great suggestions to upgrade the bathroom and outdoor patio. I made the changes and loved it so much I decided to stay. Jane was very gracious with my decision. In August 2013 I was ready to sell and called Jane. Jane responded immediately, put a strategy together and marketed the house- which resulted in multiple offers over asking after the one and only open house. Jane was also very helpful when there were some issues with the title and she worked closely with the lawyers to make sure everything was ironed out so we could close on the original date agreed upon. Jane and her team are extremely professional and I would highly recommend them.”
Ann Kelly, 12 Soley Street

"There are so many amazing things I want to say about my experience with Jane Reitz and her team, but it would take at least a full day to write it all out…

I first worked with Jane 6 ˝ years ago when I was looking to buy my first condo in Charlestown. I had no idea what I was doing…not a clue. Jane was there every single step of the way. First she showed me at least 15+ properties in less than a week because she wanted me to get a sense of what was out there for real estate in Charlestown. I was unsure of exactly what I was looking for, but had some flexibility. Jane helped me to understand and suggested what I may want to consider/what might be best for a person in my situation. One thing she told me that stuck-location, location, location. I went with Jane’s suggestion. She not only helped me find my condo- she referred me to all of the contractors she worked/works with. (I am an extremely picky person-everything has to be flawless). I was very impressed and pleased with all of her recommendations.

Fast forward 6 ˝ years. I decided it was time to look for my next investment. I contacted Jane immediately (she was the first and only person who came to mind). We spent a good couple of hours on the phone talking about my options and I decided to list my condo. We listed it on Nov 1st and it sold in three weeks. I couldn’t believe it. My investment paid off, and at Jane’s suggestion 6+ years ago-location, location, location- I did really, really well. I decided to explore purchasing again-this time in South Boston. Jane put me in touch with her colleague who buys and sells in Charlestown, and South Boston. Jane's team member was very knowledgeable about everything- location, building structure, plumbing, design, etc.. She was always there answering any and all questions. In less than a month…I found my new chapter!! I went under agreement in less than 24 hours as a result of Jane's teams persistence to get her client (ME) what I wanted. I close in February, and am thrilled!!! I could not have done this without the Jane Reitz team!!! The thing that I respect most is not only their knowledge about everything involved (not just the buying and selling) but their genuine, honest approach."

Karyn Ragonese, Harvard Street